Sacred Music Sessions Upcoming Concerts

Gaelynn Lea coming April 20th, 2019

Current Viewable Concerts:
MaMuse – Folk: Sarah Nutting, Karisha Longaker, Mike Wolfchuck (percussion)
Fia Forsström – Singer songwriter:
Guitar & vocals
Jai Uttal – Kirtan: 
Jai Uttal,  Prajna Vieira, Radhanath Das, Greg Barnett, Ben Leinbach
Mukti – Kirtan: 
Prajna Vieira, David Estes, Donald Fontowitz, Ramana, Greg Barnett, Julie Simonsen, Lisa Chorny 
Raga Concert 1: 
Mark “Gangadar” Gerhard, Christopher Ris,  Peter Van Gelder
Raga Concert 2: 
Manik Khan, Arjun Verma, Nilan Chaudhuri
On-Site Concerts

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About the Project – Supporting the Artists

A small select group of musicians are invited to perform in front of a live audience in an intimate setting and are videoed. The finished concerts are streamed free of charge. The artists get a copy of the audio tracks and can use the video for their promotion. All door proceeds are given to the artists.The Sacred Music Sessions is supported by a corporate grant.

The concerts take place in the town of Sonoma in Northern California.

Please help us to continue making these concerts that support the artists and allow a larger viewing audience to experience their sacred art.