Nirvana Cabana

The Nirvana Cabana is a 900 square foot tent that we set up once a year at the Northern California Dance Collective (NCDC) summer camp. It is a luscious space in which dance, workshops, cabaret, Kirtan, and talent shows are held. Please join us at dance camp if you love endless dance, great food, and open hearted people.
Rana Satori & Michael Batrano Sing the Blues in the Nirvana Cabana. The band: Mika Scott – guitar, Brian Judd – guitar, Dan Zemelman- keys, Mark Kahn – drums, Andy Perry – bass.
See the Nirvana Cabana being constructed. Every year since 2002 we have built this amazing space to be enjoyed by the NCDC dance camp. For 9 days all types of events take place in it such as dance and movement workshops, cabaret, live music, comedy shows, dancing to live and DJ’ed music, and Kirtan.