The Sacred Music Sessions – Fia Forsström Concert

Date recorded: September 23 2016
Concert length: 
40 minutes

The music:
Fia Forsström: 1- Shedding Skins  2- When I Found You  3- Shine  4- The Art of Letting Go  5- Leaving It All Behind  6- Taste of Truth  7- I Am  8- Forever A Child  9- A Journey Unfolding 10- Yes And More Please.

About the artist:

Fia Forsström is a singer-/songwriter from Sweden who with a unique soul touching voice, exquisitely beautiful melodies and heart opening words inspires and supports us in being and expressing our authentic selves. Anchoring divine wisdom and sharing it in a clear and powerful way that goes straight to the core, she reminds us of who and what we are beyond our limiting beliefs, wounds or stories. Fia’s songs guide us back home to ourselves and each other.

About the concert series:
A small select group of musicians are invited to perform in front of a live audience in an intimate setting and be videoed and audio recorded. The finished concerts are streamed free of charge. The artists get a copy of the audio tracks and can use the video for their promotion. All door proceeds are given to the artists.